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4 Interactive Ways You Can Boost Your Mental Health
If you’re not feeling at your very best, it’s going to show up on your body. Your mind and body are so strongly linked that, as soon as something starts to go wrong with one part, the other element naturally suffers as a result. On the flipside, both elements... Read more
Rest Easy: 5 Fitness Trackers That Will Help You
According to the 2015 National Sleep Foundation’s study, about one in two Americans sleeps well. Below the line it goes from fair to bad. That means half the country is not getting sufficient sleep. Another way to put it, is about 50% of us are walking around with grumpy... Read more
How to Create an Environment for Success
Everyone wants to be successful in their life. But what that “success” is, varies from person to person. Some people believe that success is making a ton of money while others think it is about being happy. Whatever success is to you, we all strive and work hard to... Read more
How To Keep Your Vision Healthy After Using A Computer
How long do you spend in front of a screen during the day? Spending prolonged periods of time in front of a computer might be part and parcel of your working life but doing so without a break can have a seriously damaging effect on your eyesight. Your vision... Read more
3 Helpful Habits for a Productive Evening
While some of us like to relax in our evenings after a long and hard day of work, others like to remain in the zone and have a productive evening. But after a long day, this isn’t always easy. Here are three ways to help yourself have a more... Read more
Eating For One: How To Stay Healthy When You Live Alone
Cooking for one is a tricky thing to get right. With so many recipes resulting in four or more servings of food, trying out your favorite new dishes can seem like a bit of an uphill battle when you’re the only one who’s eating. You can change the way... Read more
3 Ways to Beat Your Insecurity
While there are a ton of people out there who are extremely confident in themselves, their lives and their abilities, there are also those on the other side of the spectrum. Insecurity about ourselves is something we all deal with at one time or another, but for some people,... Read more
A Look at Kevin Warwick, The World’s First Cyborg
When we think of the future of our world, many of us think of robots living in unison with people. And the people of the future will be more technically adept and futuristic than now and will likely have numerous technological advancements implemented into their bodies or brains. But... Read more
What Sweat Will Inform Wearables of the Future
Just when you thought wearables were tracking every possible metric of human biology, someone comes out with another input: sweat. The idea is kinda duh-why-not? Sweat is the next best thing to blood for learning about internal information. Shoot, we can even use spit to determine your ancestry, why... Read more
These Food Combinations Can Help You Shed The Pounds Quicker
Want to lose more weight? It could be all about the kinds of foods that you combine. It turns out, as well as diet playing a major part in the size of your waistline, so too could the kinds of ingredients you use together and if you really want... Read more
Notch Will Transform the Way You Move
Move over, Moov, wearables that can track movement are taking a step up with Notch. Despite what appeared to be a failed Kickstarter campaign, the investors that launched Notch are ready to send you a kit. That is if you are willing to drop almost $400 to buy it.... Read more
3 Tips to Stay Positive In Tough Times
Staying positive is one of the best things you can do in life, but this can become difficult when you are going through tough times in life. Whether it be job issues, relationship issues or anything in between, it can hard to be optimistic during these times. Here are... Read more
8 Household Items That Can Double as Beauty Products
You don’t need to have a massive beauty product collection to look absolutely stunning everyday. A lot of the time, some of the biggest beauty secrets come right out of our pantry. Who would have thought? Here are 8 household items that can double as beauty products. Cornstarch  Cornstarch... Read more
5 Tips and Tricks to Looking Younger
Jennifer Aniston, Jane Fonda, Sandra Bullock, and Betty White. Enough said. Check out this list of 5 tips and tricks to looking younger! Always moisturize Moisturizing is a major key when it comes to looking younger. Moisturizer not only improves the health of your skin from the inside out,... Read more
Start-up Spotlight: Dangerous Things
In today’s modern age of technology rapidly changing and evolving, more and more crazy things are happening than ever. One of the biggest (and to some, strangest) thing that is happening is that an always growing community of people are actually implanting a small, RFID chip into their hands.... Read more
13 Awful Health Words and Phrases That Need to Go Away
Buzzwords have been around since before we called them buzzwords. Before the internet, expressions made their way via the telephone or television. Before that, they probably traveled by train and horse. Considering the modern speed of information, one would think phrases would mature faster, but they seem to go... Read more
Wearables in the Workplace? It Will Be a Good Thing
If you’re old enough to remember offices of the 80’s versus offices of the 90’s, then you remember it like this… One day everyone was working on paper spreadsheets. The next day everyone was working in Excel. Things exploded, what seemed like, overnight. It’s not too dissimilar to the... Read more
Seniors: Low Cost Dental Procedures Your Insurance May Cover
One area that is of concern to most seniors as their age is the condition of their teeth. Luckily, replacing the missing or straightening teeth is still an option even when you have advanced in age. In most cases, people use dental implants and teeth aligners as a form... Read more
Easy Fitness Tips For The Workout Wary
Struggling to get into the whole exercise thing? You’re probably not alone. Picking up a fitness habit for the first time can be a very daunting process and simply knowing where to begin is the biggest hurdle that you might face. The best advice is to take your time... Read more
3 Tips to Help You Quit Coffee
Coffee can be a great way to feel more alert and awake throughout the day and millions and millions of people across the world have coffee each and every day. And while coffee and caffeine are fine in moderation, there are a ton of people out there who have... Read more