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Fight or Flight?
We have all heard the old adage of “fight or flight” at one time or another. It is basically saying that when stuck in a stressful or potential harmful and dangerous situation, we are genetically hard wired to either run away from the situation or attack it head on... Read more
3 Ways Stress Could Be Affecting Your Body
Are you dealing with more stress than normal? It could be affecting your body in more ways than you had realized. Prolonged stress can lead to more than just increased levels of anxiety and over time, you can build up a number of physical symptoms that are hard to... Read more
To Find the Right Trainer Employ the Five Cs
Joining a gym with no prior experience but not hiring a trainer is the dumbest thing you can do. That is right next door to buying a car then driving it before you’ve attended driver’s education. No, your buddy who’s in pretty good shape should not be your trainer.... Read more
3 Things to do While You’re Still Young
With summer here, there are thousands of new university and high school graduates looking forward to the rest of their adult lives. These people come from all walks of life and have all different kinds of goals and aspirations in life. And while these people are adults, they shouldn’t... Read more
These 4 Foods Can Combat Your PMS
Dealing with hormonal changes is not fun and yet, it is something that half of the population might be dealing with at any time during each month. PMS can hit you out of nowhere and as well as feeling tired, groggy and down in the dumps, you can also... Read more
The Art of Self-Confidence
When it comes to self-confident people, they all have qualities that we admire. Whether it be the quiet but confident tech CEO, or the inspiring and loud inspirational speaker or even the media personality who is not afraid to say what they mean. While these are all vastly different... Read more
Unbelievable: 4 Fitness Trackers You Can Buy Under $50
Face it: not everybody can drop hundreds of dollars on a fitness tracker, but many people want to get some help with their fitness. Believe it or not, there are options for fitness trackers for those on a budget. If you can spend $50, then you can start tracking... Read more
3 Ways To Balance Your Busiest Days
Increasing numbers of us lead busier and busier lives. With so many things piling up on your plate, it’s often hard to stay balanced and when things finally become too much, you might find everything spilling over the top, without your control. If your life seems to be running... Read more
3 Successful Ways to Declutter Your Life
In life here in North America, most of us simply have too much stuff. And whether you know it or not, having too much clutter/stuff in our homes and in our lives can actually be a huge stressor in life. That is why there is an always-growing group of... Read more
Can Our Bodies Be Influenced by the Weather?
Our bodies are a crazy thing and can be affected (in positive and negative ways) by a lot of our environment and surroundings in life. And one thing that you may be surprised to know actually has an influence on our bodies, mood and mind is actually the weather.... Read more
3 Secrets to a Successful and Long-Lasting Relationships
When it comes to our relationships in life, we all want them to be long, successful and prosperous for everyone involved. Unfortunately, very few relationships that we have actually work out in the long term. Here are three great tips and secrets for the best chance at a successful... Read more
Seated Bicep Curls are Keeping You Fat
There, I said it; you made me. I really loathe using that word, fat, but I had to get your attention because you won’t stop doing silly things. Please, unless you’re training for Mr. Olympia, stop it. Here’s why… Despite the fact that biceps are the make-a-muscle, muscle, they... Read more
Easy Steps to Find The Diet That Works for You
Try not to think of your nutrition as a diet. I know this sounds like splitting hairs, but words have meaning. Diet does not connote positive thoughts. Ideally, you eat with some basic tenets in place, which are loosely managed. In that ideal world, you are NOT always fighting... Read more
How To Stay Healthy Without Going Overboard
How healthy is too healthy? Looking after your body is one of the best ways to improve your feelings of wellness and reduce your risk of developing diseases later down the line. When it comes to healthy living, however, it is possible to take your regime to the limits... Read more
3 Lessons in Life We Can Learn From Children
When we look at children, it is completely normal to think that we are much more wise and smart than they are. And while it is an adult’s job to teach children the ways of the world and what is right and wrong, this isn’t always the case. There... Read more
7 All-Natural and Organic Beauty Brands
We all know that nasty chemicals are bad for our skin, but sometimes purchasing products with a less than ideal ingredient list seems unavoidable. Luckily for you, BodyHacks put together a list of 7 All-Natural and Organic beauty brands, so the next time you spend $1000 at Sephora, at... Read more
How To Bounce Back After Staying Up All Night
Had a late night? Feeling a little worse for wear? It’s time to start the recovery process. Pulling an all nighter is something that happens to many people throughout their lives and while doing so might be unavoidable, you can learn how to pull your body back into line... Read more
2 Wearables That Bring the Bass to Your Workouts Like Nothing Else
No, not this bass: Bass as in… A fish wearable would have a thin marketplace.  The Sashimiwatch! Worst wearable ever. When it comes to sound, the most common complaint is the absence of bass. If users are wearing those headphones for the gym, they want to feel the lows. The solution... Read more
Augmented Reality Will Soon Just Be Reality
If you think wearables are changing people’s lifestyles, hold on for augmented reality (AR). What is augmented reality? It’s not so different from what we experience today, with the world wide web only a pocket away. Augmentation will just save us the effort of fishing through our pockets for... Read more
How To Enjoy Your Summer, The Healthy Way
Summer’s finally here and it’s time to celebrate! Whether you’re jetting off on vacation, hanging by the pool or starting the first of many summer barbecues, one thing’s for certain; it’s time to kick back, relax and take a little time out. With all that relaxing, though, it’s easy... Read more