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Women’s Wearables are Kicking Menstrual Pain to the Curb
Imagine a world where once every month, you were host to an unwelcome guest for up to a week. What if this guest not only crawled into your bed with you, he would punch you in the gut at random, wearing brass knuckles? Not only that, he would draw... Read more
Fido Wearables Are Going Off the Chain
When we first started covering wearable for pets we predicted this would happen. Fast forward a few months; things are getting a little out of control but in a good way. Well, mostly a good way. Today’s market for pet wearables is saturated and growing. Humans in the USA will... Read more
With This Wearable You’ll Never Drive Drunk Again Except This One Time
With just your sweat, a new skin-level wearable technology can measure your blood-alcohol level in minutes with discretion. The wearable is a temporary tattoo. The creators of this technology, engineers from the University of California at La Jolla, funded by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB)... Read more
Senstone is the Fashionable Dictation Device We Can’t Wait to Try
Available for pre-sale, the Senstone wearable proposes to capture your every thought then organize those thoughts for you to sort through later. It does this, all without removing your phone from your pocket. That way, you can focus on other things like driving. The makers of this technology may... Read more
Announcement of Two New Cordless Earbuds Means Hearables Aren’t Over
Just when you thought it was safe to give up on hearables, two well-trod manufacturers of sound tech, JLab, and Sony, announced cord-free earbuds. They both do that one thing wearables have to do nowadays. They have to do one trick, something nobody else can do. JLab’s Epic Air... Read more
Fun(ctional?): In The Future Rovables Will Dress You
Funded by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging, Engineers from MIT and Stanford recently announced wearable robots they are calling rovables, which can perform a few tricks on your clothes. They may one day do so much more. While at first, these little bots sound like nothing more than... Read more
Moov Wearables is Making Moves to Dominate Your Whole Body
The company that brought you the Moov Now wearable, just introduced a wearable for your forehead that tracks your heart rate and gives you coaching. They’re calling it the Moov HR. It may be just what they needed to outbox Fitbit and Apple. Moov wants to be what Apple... Read more
The 5 Best Clip-on Bluetooth Speakers for Christmas 2016
There so much talk about wearables, about going completely wireless, we’ve lost site of alternative ways to wear sound. This class of wearables is less about taking your tunes with you, but more about forcing everyone else to listen to what you like. It’s like your own private thumpy-car,... Read more
Dexcom G5 Mobile System Sets Diabetics Free
Using a discrete sensor, a transmitter and a display, the latest device from Dexcom, the G5 wearable, is the most intimate type of wearable you can own. You wear it so close it’s under your skin. Beat that, Fitbit and Apple. The idea of wearables below the skin may... Read more
Wearables Will Allow Your Infant to Finally Babysit Himself
A battle our parents never faced, but now fought in master bedrooms and kitchen every night; how much of a role should technology have in raising the kids? It was only a few years ago the advent of screens everywhere raised the issue of how much is too much?... Read more
Convertible Hoodie and Flexible Solar Panels Will Charge Your Devices on the go Fast
Just launched on Indiegogo, by Evolution Wear, is a wearable recharging suite of tools including a jacket and flexible solar panel. While their Indiegogo campaign is desperate for some punctuation control , and the copy is a chaotic mess of technicalities, the actual product behind the mess is something... Read more
Snore Circle’s 3rd Gen Snoring Tool May Help You Stay Married
As of September, the team behind Snore Circle, VVFLY Electronics, funded their third generation device at 615% of their goals. Now they’re in that netherworld between the crowdfunding phase and business as usual, where the devices are shipping to early adopters. We have yet to hear from those early... Read more
Headset Mania: Your Complete Guide to Altered Reality Headsets
Recently, in a Buzzfeed article, Tim Cook dropped hints about the future of Apple’s virtual reality (VR) plans. They didn’t sound like what we expected. Apple doesn’t want to remove us from reality. It sounds like they want to augment our reality. This brings up a... Read more
VyLyV Helps Men Stay… Ahem, Active
The VyLyV, pronounced ví-liv, wearable is a pair of compression shorts loaded with tech that may help men strengthen their pelvic floor. In case you don’t know, the pelvic floor is like a toolbox, filled with many tools. Similar to the benefits of pelvic floor strengthening exercises for women, the... Read more
These 4 Bright Rechargeable Headlamps Will Set You Free
Most places you can find cheap disposable headlamps for around ten dollars. Those are good for your first headlamp, but what you will find is thy don’t last. You can also spend the bank on a headlamp intended to summit Everest. Not necessary. You’re better off buying a mid-priced... Read more
The Royole Moon is Not a VR Headset But You’re Gonna Love it Anyway
Recently introduced by Royole, the Moon foldable 3D virtual theater is like a private movie projector made just for your eyes. It professes to bring all the glory of 3D and 2D formats to travel-size so you can your movie on wherever you see fit. If you’ve traveled via... Read more
Your Children Need DokiWatch Right Now
As in okey, dokiWatch is the find-your-kids-anywhere, talk-to-them-and-see-their-faces-now, fitness tracker and gaming wearable you just hafta have. Similar to the Brillar wearable, the dokiWatch offers something more. It’s the first children’s wearable that adds video chat. What’s even better, it’s not vaporware. Doki technologies, the makers of the dokiWatch... Read more
LVL Hydration Tracker May be Silly but it’s Also Sexy
The first of its kind, the LVL (level) tracker intends to keep you more hydrated. It’s a wrist-based tracker with one main goal, track your hydration. It will even remind you when you need to level up on water. As LVL demonstrated, crushing their Kickstarter goals (18x over as of... Read more
Straighten up. Zikto’s Wearable is Watching
Recently demoed at the Wearables Technology Show (CES for wearables), Zikto is a new wellness wearable which will help you maintain good posture, but also manage your activities. If you want to read about more devices for your posture, check out Straight Up: 3 Wearables to Improve Your Posture... Read more
Sony Playstation Will be Your First Experience with Quality VR
Sony Playstation’s VR headset releases the 13th of this month. While it won’t be gifted free with your purchase like the Google Daydream, the price point beats the competition, especially if you already own a Playstation. In fact, this will likely be your first big-kid VR trip. The fuse may have... Read more