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You May Think The Hy Hearable Looks Like A Hearing Aid If You Can See It
The Hy hearable, from Third Skin, is on Kickstarter right now with only days left on their campaign. It may not be the sexiest hearable on the market, but you’ll never know it. Most of the device tucks behind your ears like some low-profile hearing aids. If you have... Read more
The Body Hacks Wearable Tech Predictions For 2017
Who could have predicted the demise of Pebble or the Skully motorcycle helmet in 2016? Both played their cards close to the chest, so when their respective boughs broke, we were all left as confused as the next guy. Between notable deaths and wearables drama, thank the tech gods... Read more
Augmented Reality Is The New Television; Meta Is The Proof
It’s certainly proof of concept. The Meta 2 augmented reality (AR) headset is not commercial-ready, but it is in the hands of every developer in the car industry, along with developers in 3D and other fields. With any luck, those devs will create software for the common plebeian, such... Read more
The Guess Connect Smartwatch Just Added Amazon’s Alexa Virtual Assistant
Guess came out with their Connect Smartwatch line in 2015. As far as smartwatches go, unless you’re a Guess fan, it was a snoozer. They just connected their Connect watch to Alexa, the Amazon AI, pushing their smartwatch into the limelight again. It may be enough to force Guess... Read more
Silly And Brilliant; You Should’ve Thought Of The Keid Connected Pendant
The Keid Connected Pendant launched recently on Indiegogo. It’s not very high-tech, but it’s brilliant. It’s gonna out-produce every other wearable on the market. When wearables historians look back on this time, they characterize it as the middle ages. We have yet to see the renaissance. The thing about middle... Read more
No, The Naptime Wearable Is The Better Nap Companion
Recently launched on Indiegogo, the Naptime smart mask promises to give you the perfect power nap by covering your eyes, playing soft sounds in your ears, then waking you at the goldilocks time. The question we have to ask is, what is the goldilocks just-right amount of time for... Read more
Cyclists Can Now Track Their Speed With These 2 Wildly Different Wearables
Despite the recent slowdown in new wearables, bikers can enjoy two different applications of velocity science to keep track of their speed. The Moskito wearable is a watch that mounts like an old-timey speedometer. On the opposite side of the technology spectrum, the Raptor offers riders a heads up... Read more
Finally Wearables Can Train Your Horse Like You Train Your Body
After a successful Indiegogo campaign (153% of their goals), the Seaver wearable is that in-between phase of crowdsourcing, where they are filling preorders and gearing for regular orders. What is Seaver? It’s a wearable that allows riders and trainers to measure the biometrics of a horse, just like a... Read more
Christmas Buying Guide; 5 Gifts For The VR Fanatic In Your Life
It’s fair to say that 2016 has been the year for virtual reality. We’ve witnessed more platform launches and accessories this year than ever before. As the fitness tracker end of the wearables, spectrum struggles to find it’s way through growing pains, virtual reality steams full speed ahead. While... Read more
Christmas Buying Guide; The Best Wearables For The Runner In Your Life
The task of shopping for runners can be daunting. They’re tough to pin down, not because they’re fast, but because runners have specific tastes. They have preferred routes, music, and clothes. Buying something that your favorite runner will love can be a gamble. To help you, we looked back... Read more
These Bulky AR Glasses Priced At $2,700 Are A Good Thing
With $58-million worth of investors, some private, some not-so-private (21st Century Fox) the Osterhout Design Group (ODG) moves forward with their revolutionary augmented reality (AR) glasses. You can already buy a pair by plunking down the better part of $3K for January shipment. That doesn’t include the tinted lens... Read more
Here’s Fitness Tracker That Understands Your Buying Needs Better
AMSA Global Enterprises LLC, the folks behind the Tushi Pal Kickstarter campaign, is yet another tech company on a short list of wearable manufacturers who get it. They may suffer the sting of wearables fatigue, but not because their product isn’t awesome. Despite that risk, on the first day of their... Read more
These Wearable Smartphones Could Make Me Drop Apple
Not from any brand that you would recognize, developers announced more than one wearable smartphone in the last couple of years. Each one appears to have fallen off the face of the Earth. What is keeping these beautiful ideas from our lonely wrists? It’s not likely I would make the... Read more
Cold? 10 Wearables Options To Keep You Warm And Active This Winter
In case you hadn’t noticed, the days are shorter. That means the nights are longer. That means winter is coming. This would make a perfect segue into a blog about Game Of Thrones, but I’m not going there. Tempting, but back to wearables… Winter means snow . Snow means... Read more
Respia Asthma Management Wearable Upgrades Sufferers’ Quality Of Life
Spoiler alert, but if you suffer from asthma, by the end of this you will ask where can you get one? We’ll get there… Asthma is nothing short of awful. If you or someone you love suffers from any level of asthma, you know how frightening it can be.... Read more
Modular Makes A Strong Showing In Wearable Tech
You can have your burger your way. You can custom design your Chuck Taylors as you prefer. As long as one has the means, he can craft the world around him as he pleases. Why then, can we not do the same with our wearable technology? We can. There... Read more
Halo Is A Wearable Hack To Increase The Speed Of Your Athletic Learning
Housed in a package that looks like a pair of Beats by Dre, Halo sends electrical impulses to your brain, which stimulate it to speed your learning curve. The actual science is a little above our pay grade, but the core of what Halo does is something anyone can... Read more
The Matrix Smartwatch Runs On Body Heat And Is (YAWN) Waterproof
Just launched on Indiegogo, Matrix Industries smartwatch could revolutionize how we power wearables forever, but first, they have to get them on a few wrists. All in good time, but time being the operating word, if Matrix Industries is successful, we will have enough of it to last forever.... Read more
Heads-up Displays Are About To Be As Common As Smartphones
We’re calling it now, 2017 will be the year of the heads-up display (HUD). Google Glass may not have revolutionized our lives the way they wanted, but that has not stopped a small revolution of consumer-friendly HUDs. At present, what we have are some clunky devices, but what these... Read more
ActoFit Fitness Wearable Knows Everything About Your Lift 
It knows when you are sleeping, it knows when you’re awake, it even knows if you’ve been bad or good. If Santa Claus created a fitness wearable, it would be Actofit. The Actofit wearable is crowdfunding on Indiegogo right now. If you fear this is just another tracker to... Read more