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Hack Level 10; Rob Spence Installed a Video Camera In His Eye Socket
When Rob Spence lost his right eye in a gun accident as a kid, it was the worst thing that ever happened in his life up until that moment. Then the loss opened up an opportunity for Spence. Removing the dead eye gave him the chance to slap an... Read more
Track Your Sleep Every Day (Forever) So You Don’t Need Nootropics
A pillow, called the Sunrise Smart Pillow, just hit Kickstarter. The contoured smart pillow comes with 18 features designed to improve your most precious time: sleeping. Despite sounding like another in a long line of products aimed the same target demo of bad sleepers, this sort of tech better... Read more
Chipped And Happy Employees? Only In Stockholm
STOCKHOLM, Sweden – A first as far as we know, this is a first. There’s a company in Sweden implanting their employees with microchips. The employees getting the chips do it of their own volition. It’s like some kind of syndrome of imprisonment where you come to love your... Read more
Finally, Someone Made An Iron Man Suit… Kinda
This story went online so close to April 1st, most people thought it was a hoax. After a year of tinkering, a British man by the name of Richard Browning crafted the beginnings of a Daedalus flying suit. History check: Daedalus was the Greek craftsman who made wax and... Read more
The NBA Is About To Miss Their Opportunity To Biohack Better Players Through Wearable Tech
A hot topic amongst NBA officials, the players union, players, and fans lately is what will come of the NBA’s battle over wearables? As it stands, they are against players using wearables during games. The players stand divided between fans of the benefits of tech like the Whoop wearable... Read more
Gameband Is The Atari Smartwatch You’ve Always Wanted
Launched recently Kickstarter, by FMTwo Game Inc., the Gameband smartwatch will bring super high-definition Atari games to your wrist. The first thing I did when I read about Gameband was I rolled my eyes. Not another specialized smartwatch! How many of these do we need? And it’s square… not... Read more
Future Prosthetics Will Detect Spinal Nerve Signals
Researchers recently tested a prosthetic arm that articulates by reading signals from the spine of the user. Despite what you may believe, this is revolutionary technology compared to today’s prosthetics. It’s easy to see the confusion. Anyone who saw The Empire Strikes Back (1980), the scene where Luke gets... Read more
True Body Hacker; Rich Lee Will Have A Vibrating… Bodypart
The world of grinders, people who modify their bodies with functional augmentations, is a growing sphere of people. We’re not talking about piercings or other forms of decorative body modification. Grinder mods have a function, even it’s to entertain. One man, Rich Lee, is about to take grinding to... Read more
Reliable Standalone Smartwatches Are Coming Very Soon
In recent news, a leaked image on Venture Beat shows the ZTE Quartz smartwatch, which rumor has it will be another standalone watch. The fact that standalone smartwatches are coming, we accept. They’re already here, but I predict they’re going to get better. By the end of 2017, they’ll be... Read more
The Tap Wearable Will Let You Type Messages Anywhere Anytime
Wireless typing systems are nothing new. From roll-up models to laser projected keyboards, we’ve been trying to get portable typing sorted out for a few years. The people at Tap may have cracked the code. Rather than carry another bulky accessory, like the ones mentioned, the Tap device wears... Read more
We’ve Hacked The Brains Of People Who Cannot Speak Or Move
In Germany, at the University of Tübingen, neurological researchers used a cap outfitted with functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to communicate with patients suffering locked-in syndrome. It was the first time we’ve been able to connect with someone this locked-in, and it’s changing the way look at these patients. Locked-in... Read more
Two Solid Smartwatches To Undercut Your Apple Watch Costs And Get The Job Done
Regarding smartphone size, there are two camps. Some want a smartphone big enough to screen movies for a small crowd. The other camp wishes smartphones stayed iPhone 4 sized. Cards on the table: I’m in the second camp. There may be only a handful of us. We like the functionality of the... Read more
Ripple Safety Wearable; So Tiny You Won’t Notice It Until You Need It
Launched on Kickstarter today, from Ripple Network Technologies, the Ripple wearable provides users the right help when they need at the touch of a button. At any time of day, any day of the week, Ripple can connect users to Tunstall professional monitoring team. More on them in a... Read more
Proof That The Future Of Reality Headsets Is Not More Cords
It’s possible the zombie apocalypse could throw us off the pace for really crazy virtual reality (VR) video games. If so, there will be so much more things to worry about that virtual worlds. Heck, that may be the evolution of VR. Forget digital recreations of other worlds… the... Read more
You Still Have Time To Get Tickets For BodyHacking Con
Just when you think you’ve heard of every con in the book, in walks another. In case you thought I meant con, as in con-artist, no. I’m talking about the sequel to last year’s BodyHacking Convention, held in Austin. It went well enough that organizers decided to do it... Read more
Finally, We Can Smell Virtual Porn With This New Wearable
The geniuses at Camsoda have created a device which fits over the user’s nose to simulate a variety of smells, tightening the perception of virtual reality (VR), maybe. They call their device OhRoma. As if it weren’t enough that virtual reality could already bring us close to the sensations... Read more
Soon You Will Understand Sign Language Without Learning It
From Motionsavvy, a company founded by students from the Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf, they designed the aptly-named SignLanguageGlove to translate sign language into spoken or written words. They will blow your mind. Let me confess, wearables promise much. I’ll take some of the... Read more
In The Future Wearables Will Know You’re Sick Before You
Researchers from Stanford Medical Center recently announced the results of a study, where they compiled tons of wearable data, then shoved it through some fancy algorithms to see what they could inform wearers. The results of their work were not part of the current wearable data spectrum. It seems... Read more
Proof Wearable Allows You To Dictate How Drunk You’ll Get (Yeah, Right)
Not yet in stores, the Proof wearable is a wrist-worn wearable designed to help drinkers manage their drunken levels of debauchery. Like a saturation gauge you set the level of intoxication you wish to attain, then you can drink until the device tells you you’re there. Once... Read more
Superflex Squishy-tech Smart Clothing Restores Mobility To Aging Adults
As much inspired by what not to do, the Superflex Aura smart clothing looks nothing like the other options for exoskeletons. That’s a good thing. If you belong to the 99.9-repeating percentage of people who have no awareness of this technology, I can sum it up for you: modern... Read more