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Sony Playstation Will be Your First Experience with Quality VR
Sony Playstation’s VR headset releases the 13th of this month. While it won’t be gifted free with your purchase like the Google Daydream, the price point beats the competition, especially if you already own a Playstation. In fact, this will likely be your first big-kid VR trip. The fuse may have... Read more
Head to Head: Pebble 2 Versus the Apple Series 2
Once upon a time there were boring old watches. They looked like this: Then Pebble beat everyone to the smartwatch market, especially Apple. They made a smartwatch that worked with iPhones and Android devices, long before either camp made an exclusive smartwatch. To prove the market, they crowdfunded their... Read more
The Future of VR is More Powerful Smartphones for Everybody
Last week, three different portable VR headsets made the news, one of which carried the name Oculus. Not one of those headsets required wiring to a powerful computer because those are dumb. Actually, this is worse: Perhaps we’ve been looking at this thing the wrong way. While computers that double as... Read more
The Polar M200 is a Solid Low-cost GPS Smartwatch
Let’s get this out right away: It’s round-faced. Polar’s newest low-cost entry to the GPS smartwatch category is a round-faced option that offers people on a budget a lovely timepiece with many goodies under the hood. A veteran in the sports watch category, Polar has been keeping pace with... Read more
ReVault Smartwatch Wants to be Your On-the-go Data Bank
Capitalizing on the serious lack of storage for most devices, the creators of the ReVault smartwatch want to free up your overburdened devices, no matter the platform, with wireless, encrypted connectivity. With the announcement of the 256GB iPhone 7, Apple finally announced the end of the 16GB iPhone. It... Read more
Wearables Will One Day Replace Musical Instruments
Sometimes you gotta rock. Inspiration could strike anywhere, but dragging around your drum kit or guitar amp is not always convenient. Air guitar is just only so satisfying. If there were only some way we could compose music on the go without the need to carry around all that... Read more
History Repackaged: Oakley Pairs Headphones With Shades Again
Partnering up with Intel, Oakley just introduced a new pair of Oakley shades with headphones extending from the arms. The new shades offer not only wireless tunes but virtual coaching in an Oakley frame. They’re calling the new frames, Radar Pace. They look like a leaner, meaner pair of... Read more
Google Daydream Headset Shakes Up Portable VR
Google’s recently announced Daydream VR headset is the first headset wrapped in something familiar to your skin, cloth. Unless you consider Google’s cardboard project, it’s priced lower than any similar headset out there. The question we want answered is, will these features be enough to take Daydream to the... Read more
No Shame: Adult Toys are Next Level Wearables
Adult wearables, which take traditional adult toys to the next level, have been making in-roads to the mainstream. The conversation is still an adult one, but the stigma of adult toys may be wearing off as the toys themselves get much better and access improves. If you dig deep... Read more
Seedling’s Maze Makes Games for Kids Awesome Again
Seedling, a game company known for playtime innovation, has created something new and fun. They call it Maze. At a glance, it looks like one of those old-timey tilt mazes, but it’s like no gaming experience before it. For the record, games have always been awesome. It’s just, in... Read more
Runners: The 5 Best GPS Wrist Wearables of 2016
Up until recently, the challenge for most fitness trackers has been the exclusion of GPS. Most simply didn’t offer it, not without a paired smartphone. When you run, the last thing you want is additional weight, even the slimmest smartphone. Okay, that’s not really a running set-up… but silly, right? This year, every... Read more
CoWatch: The First Alexa-enabled Smartwatch is Solid
Born from a successful crowdsourcing campaign, the Amazon smartwatch is a solid contender in the smartwatch category. It’s no Apple Watch Series 2, not GPS enabled nor waterproof, but it does offer some other goodies like Alexa, long battery life, and a true round-faced design. For folks on a... Read more
Elsewhere Wearable Makes 3D Video From Your 2D Vids
Leveraging a savvy algorithm, lenses, and science the Elsewhere wearable attaches to your smartphone, turning the world into your personal augmented reality playground. Okay, not quite that. While we can’t speak to personal experience, we’ve read enough early reviews to know this is no vaporware. Elsewhere does what it... Read more
Link AKC Doggy Wearable Looks Out for Your Pup Like a Boss
Not to be confused with the Garmin Doggy Wearable we just covered, the Link AKC does something a little different. Garmin’s wearable trains your pooch. The Link AKC tracks where he goes, how active he is when he goes there, but also how warm or cold he is. We... Read more
Garmin’s Vivofit Jr is a Fitness Wearable for Kids
First, they made a wearable for your fur baby, now they want to outfit your real baby. Garmin’s Vivofit Jr is a pint-sized version of the Vivofit 3, decked out in funky colors, sturdy enough for your rambunctious ones. Re: That fur-baby comment. If you didn’t read about Garmin’s... Read more
DJI’s Goggles Will Make Your Flying Dreams Come True
It would be enough that DJI’s Mavic drone packs into a pocket-sized device, but also records 4K video when flown. That’s impressive. DJI went one step further, coupling the drone with a first person POV headset so you see the flight path in front of you as if you were... Read more
Awesome: Supersuit is the Future of Cops and Robbers
SuperSuit, Inc., the makers of the new gaming platform called SuperSuit, would have you believe this is the true virtual reality. By strapping on an apparatus, one piece around your chest, the other on your wrists, you become Ironman. Well, not really, but you could imagine so. The Suit... Read more
The New Eye-wearable from Snapchat Takes Pictures
“Just for Snapchat,” brands the Spectacles sneak peak site. In a recent move, Snapchat changed its name (sorta) and brand, then announced a new wearable with few details on where and when. It scans as risky investment mixed with genius marketing. They have no product on the ground yet,... Read more
5 Fitness-related Things the Apple Watch 2 Doesn’t Do
No doubt, we’re fans of the Apple Watch Series 2. We’re fans of nearly anything wearable tech related, especially if it’s fitness tech. It’s what we do. That said, the Apple Watch Series 2 is a force to be reckoned with, but it’s not perfect in every way for... Read more
Nixon Mission is the SmartWatch for Boarders Who Don’t Love Apple
Nixon, no stranger to watches, just dropped their new rugged smartwatch aimed at snowboarders and surfers. It’s a rugged beast, loaded with goodies for board sports enthusiasts. Is it the right fit, though? It’s no longer news that the new Apple Watch 2 packs GPS into a waterproof design. That... Read more