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11 Kid Where-ables all About Your Peace of Mind
The debate for parents, is how much does one depend on technology for a growing child? The growing number of technologies for kids brings this question to Mom and Dad’s table every day. There exist as many helpful technologies as there exist articles on why one shouldn’t use them.... Read more
Nike Self-lacing Shoes Because Awesome
Nike did it last October as a commemorative shoe, celebrating Oct. 21, 2015, the date Marty McFly traveled to in the movie Back to The Future. The first pair went to Michael J Fox, the guy who played McFly. They looked and worked just like the ones from the... Read more
The 5 Hottest Action Cams Under $200
Once upon a time there was the GoPro, then the market exploded. Today’s action cam market is overflowing with contenders. Action cams today offer so much more than yesterday’s cams. I was never able to strap my VHS camcorder to the front of my surfboard, despite all the duct tape... Read more
Study: There’s No Magic in Fitness Wearables
Published Tuesday, in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), research of 471 participants over two years reveals that wearing a fitness tracker does not guarantee better results. In fact, wearing one may hinder your results. The study conducted via the University of Pittsburgh took nearly 500 participants... Read more
Thim Sleep Wearable Actually Helps You Fall Sleep (Better)
The Thim sleep wearable won’t just report all the things you did wrong sleeping last night. After they crush their Kickstarter goals, the Thim team promises a device to help you actually get more out of your sleep. The sleep tracking feature bolted onto every wearable is worthy of... Read more
Has the Tzoa Air Pollutant Wearable gone MIA?
Pollutants litter the air. You know it. It’s why you slather your hands in antibacterial goo fifty times a day. (We won’t mention how you tap the wall twice then flick the light switch five times.) The team behind Tzoa, the promising air pollutant measuring wearable, shares your concerns. So,... Read more
Finis Swimsense May Be Too Little Too Late
Swimsense, by Finis, is their upgraded swimming wearable. The new tracker is an upgrade on their previous, less aerodynamic device. While it is waterproof, specifically designed for swimmers, it may not be enough to stay competitive. To read about fitness trackers just for swimming, check out 9 Legit Fitness... Read more
MSI’s VR One Straps Roving Power on Your Back
You don’t have to stay put. From a company that specializes in backpacks for gamer gear, MSI offers us something new. They call it VR One. Forget about tethering your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive to your powerful PC. Strap that PC on your back so you can wander the... Read more
Ōura: The World’s First Worthwhile Wearable Ring
Winner of the CES 2016 innovation awards for the best of category, Ōura is a simple wearable ring. It measures your heart rate, breathing rate and sleep, just by sitting on your finger. It also knows about your activities, like how many steps you’ve taken or how far you’ve... Read more
Must Have: Mover Kit Kid’s Wearable Ships for Christmas
A company that goes by the name Technology Will Save Us launched a Kickstarter campaign for a children’s wearable earlier this year, which funded in two days. In fact, they crushed their goals by 250%. If you have kids or know someone who has kids, you have to share... Read more
Moment: The Hottest Thing in Wearables Has no Face
Moment, a haptic feedback wrist-worn wearable, wants you to spend less time with your devices, more time with your feelings… kinda like the Apple Watch, but without all that pesky display technology. The Moment wearable crams an advanced form of notification wearable technology. It’s reminiscent of what we’ve seen in some... Read more
Zungle Panthers Thump All Other Headphone-sunglass Combos
Zungle is Kickstarting their Panther sunglasses, which combine bone conduction sound with simple sunglasses. They’re cool way cooler than other attempts to mash eyewear with tunes. Remember Oakley Thumps? It’s better you don’t. If Axl Rose were to design sunglasses with headphones, he would have designed the Thumps. They... Read more
Fix Your Own Muscles: Normatec Muscle Recovery Wearable 
If you have the means, like $1500 or more, than Normatec has a plausible solution for muscle recovery without seeing a therapist. They’ve created a self-massaging system that you strap on, then hit the power button. There’s no work other than that. You can use it wherever you want.... Read more
Game Over: Doggy Wearables Were Inevitable
It’s not enough that we make wearables for every conceivable activity, even for babies, but now we have wearables for dogs because we do. Garmin, the folks who are more known for their GPS systems but also the Vivosmart HR+, now have a wearable for your canine. It’s actually... Read more
Shima Lenses Will Make You Wish You Needed Glasses
When I was a kid, my parents used to have me read road signs from far away just to marvel at how well I could see. It was a gift. If it makes you feel better, I’ve always had a terrible sense of smell and seem to be going... Read more
Virtual Reality Headsets Will Cure Your Fears
Researchers have been experimenting with virtual environments in an attempt to cure people of their fears. Afraid of speaking in public? Engage in virtual reality speaking engagements over and over, empowering you with techniques to manage your fears. Afraid of Flying? Ride in a virtual plane until it feels... Read more
Charge Wearables on Floating Platform from the Future
For the person who has everything, the Lift charging platform wirelessly charges your Apple Watch or Pebble device suspended in the air by magic. Actually, it’s magnets, but it seems like magic. It seems like your every futurist fantasy come true, except for the part where we travel everywhere... Read more
Watch 2 Kills it But Don’t Ask About Battery
“We think it is the ultimate device for the healthy life.” -Jeff Williams, COO Apple Technically, it’s the Apple Watch Series 2, but nobody will call it that. It’s the Apple Watch 2. It’s not round, but that is so far from relevant it’s laughable that anyone would bring... Read more
Apple’s AirPods Beat the Leaky Press But They’re Sooo Apple
Apple announced a pair of cord-free earbuds for less than $160 which look like someone snipped the wire from the EarPods. They’re calling them AirPods. They did oh-so-much more than cut wires; they introduced a whole new chip. These could be a category killer if Bragi doesn’t dig into... Read more
The Sweetest Wearables For Your Christmas Wish List
It’s not even Halloween yet. I know, but planning ahead for your Christmas wish list is hard work. It also helps to get out in front of the pack. Some people do their shopping early. This way you can be sure to put the worm in their ear about... Read more