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The Sweetest Wearables For Your Christmas Wish List
It’s not even Halloween yet. I know, but planning ahead for your Christmas wish list is hard work. It also helps to get out in front of the pack. Some people do their shopping early. This way you can be sure to put the worm in their ear about... Read more
Mpower Uses Human Electricity to Make You Stronger
Through every human fiber runs a current of electricity. I know, right? Measuring that current in your muscles is as simple as using skin surface EMG devices. This is what MPower does, telling you exactly how well those muscles are doing their respective jobs. The goal is simple; make... Read more
Bragi Just Cut More From Their Cordless Earbuds
The company that crammed tons of fitness trackers into the most revolutionary cord-free earbuds this year, just dumped all that tech to give us a no-nonsense version. It may be the smartest thing they’ve done, just in time for Apple’s Keynote address, and Christmas. They call it The Headphone.... Read more
Sphero’s Force Band is Secretly a Fitness Band
Sphero, the company that made a toy version of BB8, the cute spherical droid from Star Wars The Force Awakens, just added a wearable accessory to their lineup. Previously the BB8 toy moved via a smartphone app, but now your kids (or you?) can play Star Wars with a... Read more
Finally, Fitbit Goes Swimming
Fitbit finally can jump the pool with you via the Flex 2. In fact, the new tracker from Fitbit not only takes a dive but can recognize when you are in the water. That’s huge news for fans of Fitbit who like to swim. Prior to this news, the only... Read more
Alcatel Vs Qualcomm: 2 New Wireless Smartphone-free VR Headsets
Alcatel and Qualcomm just announced independent efforts to create untethered VR platforms, needing no smartphone. Believe it or not, they are something totally different than what we’ve witnessed so far from VR. Well, maybe not totally, but they are cutting old ties. In case you’re not super nerdy, the IFA... Read more
TomTom is Never Lost: 3 New Fitness Wearables
Announced at IFA 2016 in Berlin, the international electronics trade show, TomTom is coming out with not one, but three new wearables. Yes, TomTom, the company that up until a few years ago, only made GPS consoles for your dashboard. Now they do wearables. One of their new wearables... Read more
All The New SmartWatches Are Round 
This isn’t entirely true. Just this week at IFA (the Berlin electronics trade show like CES), Garmin announced a very squarish smartwatch. There’s been a lot of grumbling aimed at square-faced smartwatches. Likely, this is the backlash against mighty Apple, even Fitbit. Maybe. If the watches coming out of IFA... Read more
Airing Micro-CPAP to Revolutionize Sleep Apnea Treatment
Doing away with the tubes and machinery used in traditional sleep apnea treatment, the Airing Micro-CPAP revolutionizes apnea treatment. It’s small, like, really small. The Micro-CPAP fits on the wearer’s nose, plugging into the nostrils. There are no wires, no tubes, no bedside monitor. The Airing team is currently... Read more
H2O Ninja to Revolutionize Diving? Don’t Hold Your Breath
Snorkeling can change your life. It’s the closest you can get to communing with alien worlds without leaving the planet. All the chaos of your life, the noise pollution, the nagging, the endless contributions to your anxiety, all floats away. Even that extra weight you’ve been wanting to lose?... Read more
StarVR Will Take VR to a Whole New Depth
Remember Friendster or that MySpace thing? Probably not, because Facebook did social media better. It was a category killer. That’s what the duo of Acer and Starbreeze (two tech companies) intend to do with the StarVR virtual reality platform. It won’t matter what’s happening now. It will all be... Read more
STEPP Real Time Running Coach Addresses Everything
Running is simple, but not easy. Runners are determined people. Now they have a wearable to help them make running easier. The STEPP wearable is the coolest running accessory we’ve witness since the Under Armour Speedform Gemini REs. It’s not a wrist-based tracker. It’s three little buttons. The system... Read more
Woolf Wristband is Wearable Every Biker Must Own
Woolf may just what riders need most, freeing up their attention. It also happens to look pretty cool. The Woolf wristband is a leather banded wearable that notifies bikers of imminent speed controlled zones . It may be the best chance they have to ride with better safety. The good... Read more
Perfect Simplicity: SenseOn Stickable Heart Rate Monitor
Another great wearable product beat it’s crowdsourcing goals with time to spare, the SenseOn device. In the wearables category, it’s a stickable, about the size of your little finger. You adhere it to your ribcage. SenseOn will help keep you in the proper training zones, pushing your performance to new... Read more
IQbuds: The Cord-free Earbuds We’ve Been Waiting For
Facts are facts. You have to face them. Wires are going the way of, well, the wire. We stopped messaging via the telegraph with the invention of the telephone. Then we cut that cord to go cellular. Yeah, I know… your parents still keep a rotary in the guest bedroom. Despite... Read more
Finally Kate Spade is Making Wearables, Again
Wearables are cool, great, but never cute. That is, they weren’t until Kate Spade entered the picture. In a world where the best a wearable could do was sexy, why shouldn’t they be cute? How else are we going to match them to our cute shoes and bag combo?... Read more
Prediabetic Study in UK Leverages Dementia Wearable
As reported in Gadget and Wearables, King’s Health Partners and the makers of the Buddi wearable have come together to prevent type 2 diabetes. The strange thing about this news is that Buddi is not a wearable designed for diabetics. It’s not even a fitness tracker by any definition.... Read more
5 Wearables That Are More Like Jewelry Than Tech
We should have expected this when wearables crammed into smart rings. Sometimes wearables have nothing to do with fitness or health. It should come as no surprise when a movement within the movement pushes to conceal the truth about wearables. Maybe we can pass them off as trinkets. Despite... Read more
Brain Hack: Energize and Relax With Thync
The Thync wearable will appeal to your inner control freak, that is if you don’t mind wearing a plastic triangle on your forehead. The goals for Thync are simple. When users need more energy, they get it by wearing the device, stimulating specific nervous pathways. When it’s time to... Read more
Control Your Technology With a Shiny Tattoo
From MIT and Microsoft, Duoskin is a temporary tattoo you can use to control your devices. Made from gold leaf, the process to make your own temporary tattoo is simple, but not easy. For those who have access to the necessary tools, the product is a beautiful application of... Read more